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Burdwan Raj College(Established in 1881) is one of the premier and oldest college not only in the districtof Burdwan but also in the whole state of West Bengal. The picturesqure campus of about 17 acres is situated at the centre of the town, adjacent to the Railway Station,Medical College, District Hospital and the University of Burdwan. The serene beauty of Shyamsayer adds grandeur to the college.The name of the college is so widepread that it needs no introduction.Nevertheless, a gimpse of the portrait of the College is cheering, a kind of sweet remembrance we always like to cherish. Burdwan Raj College dates back to the year 1881, and it carries a long association with the Maharajas of Burdwan, namely, Tej Chand Mahatab Chand and Aftab Chand.The royal patronage was taken over by the Govt. of West Bengal in 1956 under the sponsoring scheme and the College was affiliated to the Universityof Burdwan in 1960. The growth and development of the college is quite remarkable. It runs three shifts-Morning(only General-Arts,Science & Commerece),Days(Hons-Arts & Science) and Evening(Commerece-Hons & Genl.).20 Hons. Courses are taught here in addition to B.C.A.(H) and B.B.A(H).

From the very beginning Burdwan Raj College is recognized as an axcellent academic institution where learning goes hand in hand with instilling values that transform human beings, nay socity.It has produced a galaxy of eminent personalities in various field of arts, science, commerce and not the least, politics and administration. The long list of luminous personalities speaks a lot abou the College, its aims and objectives and achievements. Mere education for education's sake is not our goal; education with a mission to strengthen humann bond in the larger perspective of the globe is our emphasis. The College always feels the need for values that can unite human beings in a society wich is torn by disquiet, disorder and disintegration. Hence is the necessity of code of conduct on the part od students.

Students admitted into Burdwan Raj College are to be aware of their responsibity to the College, to the fellow students and people of the socity in general. They should hold high the dignity and legacy of 134 years. Failure to maintain appropriate decorum will attract disciplinary action.Students are to attend atleast 75% of classes held.

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